Thursday, 14 March 2019

Trials and Travellations

And so, it's time to leave Hong Kong and head off to New Zealand. Our flight was due to leave at around 5pm, so we still had most of the day to do last minute Speedtouring. Dragging our cases around would be a pain though, but that's not a problem. The transport system is so joined-up that at Hong Kong Central Station, there's an airline check in desk. We were able to check in our cases, got our boarding cards and then were free to roam the city - you can't do that at Macclesfield station!

Unfortunately it had now started to rain quite heavily, so, after a quick stop to grab pasties at Hong Kong's equivalent of Greggs, we wandered around the Museum for a couple of hours and got ourselves a bit more educated. We learned about The Opium Wars, and how Hong Kong came to be leased to the British, the trials and tribulations which followed, including the brief occupation by Japan during World War 2 and the handover of control to China in 1997. It probably would have been useful to understand some of this at the beginning of our stay here, things might have made more sense, but hey, that's not how Speedtourism works!

We also learned about about the Bun Festival, a part of which was the Bun Snatching event. Young men would climb a 60 foot tower of bamboo scaffolding, covered in buns, and attempt to grab as high a bun as possible. This continued for many years, until, in the late 70s, one of the towers collapsed and over 100 people were injured. 3 bun towers were on display in the museum, and I considered scaling one, to grab a quick barmcake, but I was still full from my Greggs pastie, so I decided not to bother.

Finally we hopped on the Airport Express train, safe in the knowledge that we were all ready to step onto our flight, and our luggage would (hopefully) join us in Auckland...

It did.

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