Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Play That Junky Music...

Every night at 8pm the Hong Kong skyline is brought to life with a sound and light performance, much like the Blackpool Illuminations, but without the stag parties and hen nights. In theory we should have experienced this from the top of The Peak last night, but we couldn't hear anything from up there. So tonight we found ourselves a space, perched on a handrail, amongst the crowds on the Kowloon side of the harbour and watched as the skyscrapers flickered and glowed across the water. As the music started we realised why we couldn't hear it from a mile a way on top of a hill - we could barely hear it from here. Maybe they have to keep the noise down so they don't upset the neighbours. Still, as a couple of red-sailed junks bobbed across the water and the lights and quiet music did their thing, it was a pleasant enough way to spend 10 minutes before taking the ferry back across the harbour.

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