Monday, 18 March 2019


Rotorua smells. It's the most obvious thing we noticed as we entered this city. It smells of sulphur due to the huge amount of geothermal activity. There is steam coming out of all sorts of unexpected places - our motel had two hot tubs filled with pungent water which we sat in for a while until I could no longer deal with the rotten egg perfume.

Out of the city there is a park where mud pools bubble and burp like grey porridge, and bright blue or green ponds are outlined with orange or yellow. The chemistry here is pretty extreme.

Even in the park in the middle of the city, just by the swings, we walked through some of the most incredible naturally occurring sights we've ever seen, though at times we couldn't actually see anything as the warm clouds of steam wafted over the beds of begonias and the bowling green.

We also had one of the best meals we've had in a long time at the Atticus Finch restaurant, including bread and oil, which doesn't sound that exciting, but the oil flavoured with chilli, garlic and herbs was so nice I ended up scraping the bowl dry. They also managed to make cauliflower taste amazing, no mean feat.

So, Rotorua - fascinating place, great scenery, great food, still not sure I could ever get used to the eggy smell though!

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