Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Buddhy Enormous

Day 3, and we took a ferry to Lantau Island, to see the Big Buddha.

It's a statue, of Buddha... and it's BIG!

From the bottom of the Buddha's stairs you can take a short walk through the woods along the "Wisdom Path". At the end of the path is a hill with 38 huge wooden pillars, arranged in a figure of 8 infinity symbol. All but one are engraved with verses from the Heart Sutra.

We loved it and left feeling both earnest and wise - whereas usually I feel more Eric and Morecambe!

On the way back we ended up at Tai O fishing village, where Justine decided we should try another of the interesting streetfoods on offer. This time Fishballs! All I can say is, if you're passing through Tai O and someone offers you a spicy fishball on a skewer, and you're not a massive fan of rubbery snacks which cause you to lose the ability to taste (or breathe), then perhaps give it a miss.

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