Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wat on earth?

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a riot of colour, gold, silver and other shiny-ness, Buddahs, huge statues, pointy monuments, mosaics, incense, and a complete contrast to the concrete city outside its walls.

It's more than a palace - though it is where the Thai equivalents of Liz & Phil used to hang out - but it's also like a Hindu-Buddhist theme park. Each ruler has added a few more temples (known as Wats) and tombs to the site, to the point where you wonder how many more they can squeeze in.

We dodged in and out of the intermittent rain downpours and had plenty of practice at removing our shoes and socks before we entered each Wat. The incense didn't completely mask "The Smell of a Thousand Feet"!

Conveniently then, the next site we visited (Wat Pho) also houses a famous massage school and we were able to treat our toes to a 30 minute foot-massage which, once I'd got over the embarrassment of a stranger experiencing the aroma of my shoes, was very pleasant indeed. Unfortunately the socks and shoes had to go back on as we headed off to see more wats and whatnots.

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