Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Grand (but modest) Palace

Like Bangkok, Phnom Penh also has a grand palace. It's grand, there's no doubt about it, but its not as bling as the one in Bangkok, it feels more refined, spacious and regal - far less colourful and in-your-face. And because of that, visiting it, having already been to the one in Bangkok, felt a bit like enjoying a chilled glass of Chablis with David Attenborough immediately after coming in from an all-nighter spent downing Tequila Sunrises and pints of "Blastaway" with Austin Powers.


  1. "a chilled glass of Chablis with David Attenborough" !?!
    Get you!
    Back on the Clown Juice, son.


  2. "an all-nighter spent downing Tequila Sunrises"

    I take it no cash changed hands for these drinks, as no man in their right mind would pay for one, never mind a feeble attempt at downing one and doing a runner from a German nightclub!