Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Short Guide to Toronto

Avid readers (my Mum) might remember a post from our World Tour where we managed to take in the city of Los Angeles in a mere 24 hours. Well we needed a new challenge, so we've beaten our previous best and ticked off Toronto in 24 minutes.

Now I must point out that this is no reflection on Toronto. It may well be a lovely city, worthy of spending days, if not weeks to appreciate everything it has to offer. But we simply didn't have any time to spare on the journey across the top of Lake Ontario. However, seeing as we were so close, we decided to drive through it rather than around it, and once in the middle we thought we might as well make a brief stop. So, for armchair tourists with short attention spans, here is my 24 minute guide to Toronto;

It has a car park.
It has a really big tower.

Hope you find that useful.

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  1. So there was no opportunity to take Justine up the CNN tower? Shame.