Sunday, 1 March 2009

We're All Going To The Zoo Today

Mmmmmmm, curry for breakfast. Not the cold, last-night's leftover takeaway sort either. Freshly made, authentic, and with stuffed parathas and dosai and chutneys to go alongside. This is what breakfast should be like! I maybe went a little far by having bacon and sausage as well, plus Danish pastries and coffee to finish. Still, you only live once.

Don't think I've been to a zoo for at least twenty-five years, but Singapore Zoo seems to be on the list of "Things to do in Singapore", so off we go. I won't bore you (assuming you're not already bored) by listing all the different animals we saw, but it was a wide and varied menagerie, including more monkey-type things than you can shake a stick at (don't though, there are signs telling you not to do that sort of thing). Baboons, gibbons, probiscus, chimps, spider, orang-u-tan, macaque... However, some of you will be disappointed to hear that I failed to spot any VB Developers*.

I'd also recommend "Carlos" the sea-lion and the enclosure which is full of bats and lemurs which you just walk into and they walk (or fly) right up to you. Don't ask to see my photos of the bats unless you've got a couple of hours to spare.

*"In Joke" for those C-Sharpies amongst you.

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