Friday, 13 March 2009

Spoilt For Choice In LA LA Land

We've arrived in "The Land Of The Free" and after filling in Visa forms (despite having obtained visas over the internet weeks ago) and being electronically fingerprinted and questioned, we were allowed in. Hurrah!

We're staying at the Hollywood Bed And Breakfast which is on Hollywood Boulevard (on the crossroads with Orange Grove Avenue - where they filmed Halloween - yikes!). It's a fantastic place which has been adorned in a Gaudi-esque manner by it's owners Nina and William - we're already wishing we were staying longer.

We've got used to our breakfasts in Fiji which were a choice of Cornflakes or Rice Crispies, followed by white toast with an option of marmalade (this was fine, by the way, it just didn't require much in the way of early morning decision making). Well the breakfasts here are a stark contrast and as we filled out our request forms last night we were overwhelmed by the range of breads on offer (I went for soda-bread with olives, Jus favoured the cinnamon and raisin rye option). This morning at the table we counted 12 different types of jam - too many decisions.

On the subject of food choices, last night we ate at a New York style deli on Sunset Boulevard (just a few minutes walk away). Now on films when they go "I'll have a pastrami on rye with a double helping of eggs over easy and french toasted dressing on the side with a flappucino" they may as well be speaking in german - I don't understand a word. So we sit down in a little booth and I'm quite pleased with myself when I decide I'll have a turkey sandwich and a bowl of Matzoball Soup (I'd already looked this up on the net because I didn't know what it was - I suggest you do the same). The waitress arrived and I was floored when she asked "what bread would I like". I don't know! What bread exists? We went for a rye thing. Then she asks what else I wanted on top... again, what is there? She was really helpful and patient with this English idiot who had clearly never ordered food before. "How about roasted red bell peppers?" she suggested. Mmmm that sounds good, we'll go for that. "Would you like lettuce?", sure, why not. "What about tomato?", oh yes, I quite like tomato... can you see where this is going. I ended up with a sandwich which was taller than it was wide and contained most of the menu. It was very good though, as was the double chocolate fudge cake and pecan pie which we finished with. Just not sure I've got room for this last piece of olive rye cinnamon bagel toast this morning!

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