Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spiders From Mars

A short drive away from the centre of Cairns, and Justine, Kylie and myself arrive at our rainforest retreat. We are greeted by Laura and Jon (our hosts) and introduced to two of the locals. A pair of enormous spiders hanging from the roof near the (otherwise welcoming) decking area. Jus shrieked (and did a little dance of terror)! They're by far the largets spiders we've ever seen in the flesh, and given that the normal spiders which crawl up the plughole in the bathroom would cause Jus to phone the emergency services, we're in for an interesting time. "Is that as big as they get?" we enquired. "Oh no" came the reply, "once they get to be fully grown, they come down from the webs and eat birds and mice."

Australians seem to come to terms with the fact that their country is out to kill them from an early age, but I think they sensed that we were not so used to mammal-eating arachnids and Jon (a keen amateur spider-wrangler) soon rounded up and moved the "insurgents" much further away from the house.

Now, at least for the time being, we're able to stay here. Just need to keep an eye out for snakes, sharks, electric ants, jellyfish and stinging trees - that's right, even the trees are out to get you!


  1. Looks like you have enough on your hands with sight seeing and making sure nothing eats you alive in Aussie land. Simon, we'd like Justine back in one piece so please look after her for us! Justine,would love to see your spider dance - any chance of a repeat performance when we meet next?

  2. I've heard it on good authority that the smaller they get - the more pissed off they are :-) So stay away from the cutsie little one's!

    It seems the general consensus is if your not sure when over there, kill it and make your apologies later - just pretend it called you a leeds supporter or something mate ;-)

    One question - do you get many sharks in the rainforest? The lesser known spotted card shark perhaps?

    You and Jus stay safe, who'll write the posts if your spider-wrangling!

  3. Nazreen - Justine has promised to do her spider dance if requested.

    Mat - thanks for the advice, but the problem with the staying away from the little ones is that you don't even see that they're there until it's too late. I think they're better at living in rainforests than we are!