Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Night At The Opera House

On the last night of our stay in Sydney we'd booked tickets to see a concert at the Opera House. Rolf Harris is, unfortunately, not touring at the moment, so we had to settle for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ashkenazy (who's probably famous if your musical education went beyond the NME and Q magazine).

We had great seats somewhere around the centre of the auditorium and far enough back to be able to appreciate the scale but still be able to see the musicians clearly. The room itself is a little like being inside a whale which has been clad with wooden panelling. The seats were very funky - curved ply backs and contemporary bright pink cushions which wouldn't have looked out of place in one of the cool harbourside bars we'd passed on the way. And they were comfy too which might explain why I nearly dozed off in a quiet bit just before the interval.

Judging by the length and volume of the applause at the end ('Ash' returned to the stage numerous times to ovation after ovation) the concert was very good. I enjoyed it, but don't think I understand enough about classical music to say more than that. We both agreed that it was well worth seeing a performance inside this world famous venue, my only slight disappointment, no sign at all of a 'wobble board'.

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