Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Living In The Rainforest

We're staying in a self-catering apartment which is within touching distance (literally) of the rainforest. This is a national park now and there's no way you'd be allowed to build property in this location today.

Just two minutes up the road is a walk which leads along the river and you can swim in pools of crystal clear rainforest water. I was a bit reluctant to jump in, but Jus had been in there for fifteen minutes without being eaten by anything, so eventually I relented and (having furtively changed into trunks under a towel) I gingerly went in. It was cooling and refreshing, and sitting under a little, but surprisingly powerful, waterfall I decided that this was, on reflection, much better than Skipton Baths.


  1. I really don't need to see Simon shirtless.

  2. It's just a poor man's Strid