Saturday, 28 March 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

For our finale in Vegas we felt that a little gambling was in order. Jus had already dipped her toes in the water by investing a few dollars in the slots, and I later caught her pushing quarters into the Elvis Presley penny falls. $6 into the red, we wandered around the casino looking completely out of our depth. Every once in a while we'd pause at a table and watch for a few moments, desperately trying to work out what game was being played and what the rules were.

Finally, we took a huge risk and placed a $5 blackjack bet - King and Jack for us... dealer goes bust - Yee Hah! Flushed with success we headed back to the slots for a final flutter and while Jus was losing, my machine suddenly went crazy and started giving me credits (I'm still not sure I understand what I did to make it do that). As it hit the point where we were back level, we agreed that we would quit while we were ahead. I cashed in my winnings and our final balance sheet from Vegas gave us a very healthy 57 cents profit. In these troubled financial times, it's good to know that there are still sensible investment opportunities if you know where to look.

All in all, we're glad we've experienced Vegas but wouldn't go back. We've proved to ourselves that we're not big gamblers, we don't need girls delivering (like pizza) to our door and if we wanted the Trafford Centre, we'd go to the Trafford Centre.

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