Sunday, 1 March 2009

Kylie, The Ford Laser... She's A Beaut!

We'd arranged to hire a car when we arrived in Cairns and were picked up at the airport and taken to a place a few minutes away where they specialise in hiring out "older" (unreliable?) cars. We specialise in owning older, unreliable cars!

The very helpful chap there gave us some maps (including an entire Yellow Pages which had a good map of Cairns in the middle) and then took us out to meet Kylie (he didn't call her that, but I quite like to). She's a Ford Laser, she's white(ish), with a few bumps and grazes and bits of rust. The air-con works - that's proved to be essential, but the radio doesn't - that hasn't worried us too much (already heard Men At Work's quintessential offering on this trip - anything else is likely to disappoint).

Oh and she's an automatic. Why do automatic cars exist? They're really hard to drive - I keep wanting to press something down with my left foot but the only thing to press is the brake, which is a really dangerous thing to do if you're driving at 80km per hour and suddenly think "I need to change gear, I'll just use the clutch". I've got used to it now, but I can't help feeling that if you're not changing gear, you're only half in control of the car.

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