Thursday, 12 March 2009


Our last night in Fiji and after dinner we found ourselves taking part in a "pub quiz". We joined a couple from Germany (Agnes and Martin) who had been driving round New Zealand in a camper van and were here to chill out before heading back home. Inevitably, their English was as good as ours, whereas my German is almost non-existent (I did Latin rather than German at school, and it's never come in as handy as the teachers suggested it would).

The prize for the winning quiz team was a jug of "Jungle Juice", which looked like they'd added a selection of otherwise hard to shift spirits from the bar to a couple of large cartons of Um-Bongo! So it was probably for the best that our team "A United Europe" came second rather than first. We made wild guesses for a couple of our answers (for example that the first person to appear on the cover of Playboy was Marilyn Monroe - this was apparently correct).

After the quiz, a bonfire was lit on the beach and we sat round it, joined by some young people who'd turned up on the 'party bus' (which our fellow quiz team-mates had a funny, but unprintable, name for), contemplating the mysteries of the universe (and wondering how many more insect bites we were likely to suffer). Then an acoustic guitar was produced, and a couple of tunes were knocked out by one of the guys from the resort, before it was offered round the circle. Agnes played a cool version of the Smashing Pumpkins 'Disarm' which it seemed only we knew - honestly, the young backpacker-types these days don't seem to know any of my generation's music (it's probably all just bleeps and mobile phone downloads these days).

Then I managed to bring the whole evening down by 'performing' an old Mancunian folk song (Wonderwall), a few bits of stuff I could half remember, and finished with Radiohead's uplifting party tune 'Creep'. After this, nearly everyone else went to bed - listening to that sort of intensely beautiful performance can be emotionally draining I'd imagine!

Despite Jus and I being the oldest guests in the resort (by far), we stayed up for a while longer, then left the guitar with its (sleeping) owner and called it a night.

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