Monday, 9 March 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle.....

Sydney was the next destination on our whistle-stop world tour and, as usual, we had lots to fit in. First off we were off on a city tour to get ourselves oriented. No open-topped double decker buses for us - it was pedal power all the way.

Jus had booked us onto the Bonza Bike Tour (with a name like that you'd be silly to miss it) and we were kitted out with helmets and bikes. Our guide, Nick, was from the UK and had been over in Sydney for about four years. He'd obviously been around a bit and told us about the time he was a scuba instructor in Thailand, part way through a dive, when the infamous Tsunami came through. No-one was lost from his party, or even the island they were on, but you could tell that he realised he was lucky to be alive.

Anyway, back to bikes - this is a fantastic way to see a new city. You get to cover lots more ground than on foot but you can still easily stop for a few minutes whenever there's something worth looking at. We started off in The Rocks (on the opposite bank of the harbour to the Opera House), rode across the Harbour Bridge, visited Hyde Park, the Botanic Gardens, Chinatown and Darling Harbour to name but a few. We even had time to visit a pub half way through (although we were unable to enjoy a pint with our fellow cyclists for reasons I'll come on to later). We were lucky with the weather too - it was fairly overcast and therefore cooler than it might have been. All in all, highly recommended.

Team GB's cyclists claim another gold in Sydney. Cycle-wear kindly provided by Parker's of Baildon.

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