Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

A quick travel tip for everyone.  If you're going to go away somewhere, go on (or around) your birthday.  Then you get free stuff!  Especially if your AMAZING wife talks nicely to the British Airways customer service people at Heathrow ("If you don't ask, you don't get" she said).  So on our flight to Singapore we were upgraded to bigger, faster seats, with footrests and blankets and eyemasks.  Still only third class - second class you get your own little booth which turns, "Transformers-style" into a bedroom, and first class we weren't even able to go near - I think you get a separate plane... encrusted with emeralds.

On top of this, the charming Australian air steward who looked after us, couldn't stop giving me booze.  When I asked for a glass of red wine with my meal, he gave me two bottles (and a third later).  I must just look like I need it or something.

We arrive at our hotel in Singapore and Justine happens to mention that it's my birthday today.  So we get a "newly renovated" room, and we're not talking "60 Minute Makeover" here.  Later that evening a waiter arrives and presents us with a birthday bottle of red wine (which I subsequently asked to swap for a bottle of white, because Jus doesn't like red, but the white wine waiter convinces me that I should keep hold of the bottle of red too).

See, free stuff.  Mind you, it's just as well.  If I fancied a small can of Heineken from the mini-bar (which I don't) it would set us back the best part of eight quid...  free wine anyone?

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Simon, sounds like you had a good one.