Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bula! From Fiji

On landing at Fiji's main airport, we were greeted by three men playing guitars and singing songs of the Pacific. No-one actually hung garlands of flowers round our necks, but it was that kind of vibe.

We're staying in one of the cheapest (but still nice) places Jus was able to find (cheap for Fiji, not cheap!) When we arrived late into the evening there was a disco in full swing just yards away and we were glad we'd packed earplugs. Slightly dazed after the flight and a long drive from the airport, and unable to judge the resort in the darkness, I began to fear that we'd arrived in Magaluf (not that there's anything wrong with that, you understand, but I was looking forward to a bit of a relax).

But the next morning it became clear that this was a very small, very quiet place (the disco must have been a one-off and there's been no need for earplugs since). It's set on a little bay with its own coral reef and is the perfect place to chill out for a few days after travelling half way round the world. Our little hut looks out onto the bay and everything we need is a short walk away. We're not blessed with a view of oil tankers or chemical works, but I guess you can't have everything.

The view from our beach hut

I've done very little so far other than read, listen to music and the odd bit of snorkeling (parts of which have been up to the Barrier Reef's standard).

We had a thunderstorm during our first full day here which lasted for hours and at times must have been immediately above us - the hut shook very noticably on a number of occasions.

After the storm

The only problems we've encountered are with the wildlife. In the evenings we're having to walk around with a torch, scanning the ground to ensure we don't step on one of the thousands of frogs or hermit crabs which appear after dark. No one else seems to be going to this much trouble - I suppose we're just odd.

Then there are the little flying biting things (I'm trying not to use my actual description here - it's a family blog after all). We're both covered in itchy red bites and new ones appear all the time. So if you're sitting at work reading this, take heart - although we're on a tropical island paradise, at least you don't look and feel like you've got smallpox! So Travel Tip No 4 - if you're coming to Fiji, bring lots of mossie repellant with you. Still, watching the sun go down, the itching seems bearable...

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  1. Cracking photos, not envious at all - Skipton's lovely at this time of year. I'd much rather be stuck in the office (I nearly convinced myself then).