Thursday, 12 March 2009

Back To The Future

We're leaving Fiji tonight and flying to LA - when we arrive it will be yesterday. This concept confuses me greatly and Justine keeps having to explain about crossing the International Dateline (which I always thought was something you could use to chat up girls from other countries). Now as some of you may know, science isn't my strongest area of expertise, but I've been doing some research and I'm going to explain how all this works.

Essentially, it's all down to the speed of light. As you probably know, light travels very very fast (much faster than a car for example), at a speed of approximately 160 miles per hour. But, as Einstein pointed out in his most famous book, Alice In Wonderland, if you could travel faster than that then it may be possible to go back in time. I think that some of this is to do with quantum physics (which is too complex to discuss here - if you're interested, look into Schrodinger's experiments in which he observed that if you open a box containing a cat, it will almost certainly be licking itself).

Anyway, back to the speed of light. Now aeroplanes can travel much faster than light (500 mph or more) so every time you take a flight you go back in time a bit. Regular air travellers (international businessmen or David Beckham, for example) not only build up lots of frequent flyer points, but actually start to get younger. The only reason people don't take this to extremes is due to the dangerous paradoxes which might occur (you could bump into yourself coming out of the toilets), and obviously if you go too far you'd be too young to be allowed to purchase duty free tobacco or alcohol.

So hopefully, you've learned something there - the bottom line is that you're probably reading this post before I've written it, and if any of this makes sense, I suggest you seek help.


  1. Prepare to be a little disappointed by Hollywood, it's like Blackpool without the sea, however I can recommend the Improv Theatre on Hollywood Blvd for a good laugh.

  2. Simon, are you *sure* that science stuff is correct? I'm certainly no expert (in many things as it happens) but it you say that's how it is, then that's how it is.

    Oh, your Guitar Hero Drums are in safe hands nicely collecting dust behind my sofa. Hope you didn't go to too much effort to bring them in...